This is a partial list of work recently completed by Rush Media and Communications.

DEAF USA – September 2017
Web Content
All website copy; this company offers non-encryption based protection for cell phone users (so no one can hack their calls and listen in). We also provide ongoing updates for this client and maintain the site. LINK: http://deafusa.org

Pink Pagoda Girls – Since April 2014
Maintenance of Facebook page for Pink Pagoda Girls, an organization that works against female infanticide in the People’s Republic of China. PPG has rescued over 40,000 baby girls to date. LINK: https://www.facebook.com/PinkPagodaGirls/

What are the Best Performance Cars of 2016? – Freelance Article, February 2016
LINK: http://www.auto.edu/blog/modern-muscle-cars-what-are-the-best-performance-cars-of-2016/

Altuscio Networks – February 2016
Web Content
All website copy for Altuscio Networks (telecommunications company) website. LINK: https://www.allcovered.com/altuscio

SDN’s Role in Cloud-based Security – Freelance Article, August 2016
LINK: https://qos-consulting.com/sdns-role-cloud-based-security/